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04. 23 Icons

Just a small icon post containing various entries for different challenges including beautyatb_elite and trueblood_elite as well as icons for a buffy battle that I never managed to finish :)

Fandoms include: Beauty and the Beast, Big Bang Theory, Buffy, Defiance, Farscape and True Blood


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40 Icons

Long time, no icons :)
This post contains my entry for round 23 @ farscape_20in20 and after a long time, I felt inspired while making icons. Also included are my icons for the Tropes Battle @ theiconquest and a few random creations.

Also I have recently bought a new laptop and I'm still adjusting to the screen so comments are welcomed:D


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Farscaps - group
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37 Farscape icons

So this post contains my entry for the 20th round @ farscape_20in20 where I claimed Chiana. Also inclued are my icons for the first round @ farscapelims + alts.

And for those who asked about my colouring techniques at "Ask the Maker" I haven't forgotten about it, I've just been super busy. Hopefully I should have something shareable very soon *crosses fingers*

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